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about your teacher, Courtney

I’m an astrologer who has been obsessed with understanding myself and helping others do the same. 

In my practice, I blend various forms of astrology to help you interpret the chart from a well-rounded and intuitive perspective. 

This course is an amalgamation of years of research – taking the most important information from different teachers and approaches, and applying it to see what is reflected in the charts of my clients.

I wish I had a course like this when I began. While astrology can be overwhelming, I do my best to break the classes up in an efficient but thorough way so you can grasp even the most complex techniques. 

If you’re interested in learning about the psychology of yourself in your chart, as well as fated events, and your soul’s purpose, this course is for you. These three facets are normally found in three different fields of astrology, so I blend them all together for a well-rounded view of your life!

Astrology 101

How Astrology will CHANGE YOUR LIFE 💫

I will never forget the day I first read my astrology chart with an intro book in hand. It was like all the puzzle pieces of my life clicked into place and I finally “got” myself. 

I grew up obsessed with self-awareness, wanting to fully understand why I did what I did or felt how I felt. One of my biggest pain points was that I kept running into contradictory needs, feelings, and ways of being. 

How can I be playful, curious, fun-loving and light, while also being serious, sometimes rigid, and disciplined? Why do I need order and control but also chaos and constant change? The definitions and boxes didn’t fit, and I struggled to find my place. 

What my chart allowed me to do was recognize the whole, full self with all the polarities, paradoxes and needs entirely outlined. 

Of course, that was just the start of my journey. As I fully developed my relationship with astrology, it helped me dive much deeper. 

Now, I use it to understand why in my relationship I am feeling insecure during a certain week and what lesson this is trying to teach me. Or in the pursuit of my purpose, I can see what my deepest needs are so I always stay on track with my soul. The possibilities are ripe and endless. 

Using astrology, I have predicted births, warned someone not to buy a car (they did and it blew up!), understood the cycles of growth and decay I was experiencing, and most of all, deepened my relationship with myself and spirit. 

After being transformed by the wisdom of the stars, I decided I wanted to share this with others. My goal is for all of my students to reach deeper levels of self-understanding and self-compassion and carry this forward into their lives and relationships with others. 

Astrology is a limitless tool that is like a magic wand. You can use it to help heal others and yourself, predict the future, and understand your past. It’s been used for thousands of years for good reason. 

This ancient wisdom has been used by Kings, Warriors, and philosophers to understand the ways of the world. Once protected for its sanctity and only shared with a select and wise few, you can now learn about astrology in the comfort of your own home in a matter of weeks

Join their ranks by having this powerful tool at your fingertips.


lay the foundation

Connect to the historic roots of the ancient practice of astrology


meat and potatoes

Grasp the essence of astrology in just a few hours


Understand Nuance

Learn the art of reading for nuance which is an essential function of an astrologer – and the only thing keeping astrologers from being replaced by computers!


deepen your self-awareness

The psychological aspects of this course will help you see things within yourself that would take years of therapy to grasp!


Put it all together

Apply it to your life! You’re ready to read birth charts now 🙂 

“Millionaires don't use Astrology, billionaires do.” -JP Morgan

what my readings do for others... you can do this too!

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Astrology can give you profound and enlightening insights. As a result of more awareness, it is not uncommon for beginning astrologers to worry about upcoming transits or challenging aspects in their child’s chart. Please always take astrology with a grain of salt and realize that we can never 100% predict what is going to manifest in life. If you get anxiety from this type of knowledge, I suggest you take some space apart from it and return when you’re in a good headspace.

Remember, you are solely responsible for your own mental health and well-being. Please see the full disclaimer for more information.

Read the full Disclaimer here.

No, this is a self-paced course. If you have questions about the course material, you can always reach me at contact(at)willowsbloom.com. 

Since this membership includes coaching practices and impactful physical/emotional tools, we are asking that you take full responsibility for its impact on you as well as how far you push yourself. 

Read the full Disclaimer here.

You can finish the foundations course within 6 weeks with 2 hours of video lessons per week. 

The second half of the course is about exploring nuance. In this section, we will deep dive into each planet looking at its significations in each sign/house/aspect to other planets. These sessions take 3 hours per planet + rising signs for a total of 11 modules. 

There are currently 12 example charts and counting at roughly 40 minutes per chart. These chart readings are general, relationship, and career-related.

Lastly, there is useful bonus content to consume related to important and often misunderstood parts of astrology. 

The recommended completion date for the ENTIRE course is 4.5 months.