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healing with the stars

Astrology Coaching

What is Astrological Coaching?

Our charts are a representation of our soul in this lifetime and even past lives. It is the roadmap to our purpose and soul’s desired evolution. We are here on Earth to learn and grow but we often get stuck in repeating patterns and feel unable to move past them. This is where astrological coaching can help. 

Together we will examine your birth chart to see how you navigated core phases of childhood development and what areas might be stuck in arrested development. These areas are driven by “child consciousness” that is reactive, easily triggered, and trying to protect itself. With deep compassion and understanding, we will dive into the core wounds, beliefs, and emotions that keep your child consciousness intact and on guard. 

At the center of each reactive pattern is a planet whose needs, desires or drives are pushing you to act in a specific way. When you are stuck in a specific pattern, one or more planets will feel that their needs are not being met. They then try to get their needs met in unhealthy ways, forming a habit or (over)reaction that feels outside of your control or awareness. 

Each planet represents a different part of ourselves. Their interactions and relationships (or lack thereof) weave together to form the web of our consciousness. As we establish a relationship with each planet and their needs, we can see where different parts of ourselves have conflicting needs and desires. Through love, encouragement, creative solutions, and balance, we can support each planet individually and in their relationship with each other. 

This is the only way to create an integrated, whole self that will allow each part of ourselves to flourish. When we do this, we can shift into deeper self-awareness and adult consciousness that will allow us to choose how we behave, think, and react in a way that supports our soul growth.

Who is it for?

I specialize in helping highly sensitive people heal from complex trauma in their childhood so they can go on to be incredible healers, business owners, teachers, partners, and parents in the world.

The people that work with me are empaths, intuitives, and spiritual people who are more affected by challenging childhood experiences than “muggles”. Highly sensitive people are keen on understanding themselves and helping others, but they often struggle with confidence issues. They are overly self-critical which impedes them from truly making the impact they desire or even getting started on their dreams. They also struggle with processing their intense emotions, establishing healthy relationships with trust and reciprocity, and knowing their worth in general.

They often are born into environments that don’t suit their sensitive nature. This can look like a spiritual soul who grows up in a house of people who are practical, work-focused, and ignores their emotions. This creates fractures within the psyche where they feel they must neglect or disown part of their nature in order to adapt and survive in a hostile environment. Because they were taught that it was unsafe or unwelcome to be a highly sensitive person, they have not fully understood or owned the gifts that come along with this nature.

They are usually victims of complex trauma. This is not the same as big “T” trauma where one or more big, impactful events forever change the psyche of an individual. Complex trauma is more insidious and pervasive in its nature. It looks like an important need going unmet for the entirety of their childhood, an inattentive parent, or a consistent struggle to feel like you belong.

Complex trauma points to an environment that was not conducive to the healthy and proper development of that soul. For “muggles”, complex trauma doesn’t linger as long or affect the psyche as substantially because they tend to be less empathic, aware, or sensitive overall. This allows complex trauma to roll off of them with greater ease. However, for highly sensitive people, they can be so impacted by complex trauma that they remain stunted from it well into adulthood.

I believe most highly sensitive people are healers of some sort that intentionally decide to be born to an unsupportive early environment in order to learn, grow, and offer greater resources to those around them later in life. However, they must begin to heal themselves in order to feel confident enough to take action towards this purpose. With their sensitive nature, they have so much to give and so many unique superpowers that the world NEEDS. This is why it is my mission is to help mobilize these healers and support the advancement of our Earth one soul at a time!

What to expect

Our sessions together will be unique and individual just like you. We will spend our time talking about themes that come up in your life as I draw conclusions related to your chart and current/future transits. The chart will also guide us to the healing medicine, as we examine the parts of you that are in conflict and bring them into harmony. 

A few example topics include: 

Parts of a Whole – Working with the archetypes of your chart for greater integration

Moon – Understanding your emotional baseline, internal schema, and core wounds

Mars and Sun – Establishing autonomy, confidence, agency and individuality

Venus – Learn how to nourish your soul & Heal your relationships

Shadow work – Uncovering the repressed and unconscious sides of the self that are dying to be heard

Sessions are typically 1.5 hrs long and occur weekly for 12 weeks, though this is flexible if needed. I typically provide homework for our sessions together as well as include a hypnosis that will help address the subconscious beliefs that underly your biggest core wound. I recommend listening to this nightly in order to help reprogram your subconscious mind.

If you’re interested in coaching, you can fill out the application below and set up a free consultation call to see if we are a good fit. 

This service is not intended to replace therapy or other healing practices. This service is not meant to address trauma or other significant maladies. 


What clients say
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