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    Things I can offer you in our reading or coaching sessions: 

    • Past life readings
    • Birth chart readings honing in on psychology, development, soul evolution, and purpose
    • Yearly forecast using transits, progressions, and/or solar return
    • Synastry (for couples) where I read each individual chart, the relationship chart, and composite chart, I can include transits that will affect the couple as well
    • Business chart readings – your chart, your business chart, combined, and the overall purpose of your business
    • Answer any questions you have using astrology and tarot!
    • Coaching where we use your birth chart to dive into the basis of core wounds and repeating patterns in your life that aren’t serving you

    My coaching involves a blend of astrology, psychology, parts work, Dr. Sam Rader’s Source Code, and Dr. Thais Gibson’s Integrative Attachment Theory. In it, we explore what your soul desires to evolve into in this lifetime and why you feel stuck along that journey. 

    Together we will examine your birth chart to see how you navigated core phases of childhood development and what areas might be stuck in arrested development. These areas are driven by “child consciousness” that is reactive, easily triggered, and trying to protect itself. We will dive into the core wounds, beliefs, and emotions that keep your child consciousness on guard and help reprogram these beliefs. 

    We will also explore the planets in your birth chart, as they each represent a different part of you with their own needs, desires and drives. The way your planets interact in your chart and life creates a web of consciousness that can be tangled/conflicted or harmonious. As we connect with and nourish each planet and their needs, we can resolve internal conflict that has you feeling stuck in rigid patterns. 

    This is the best way to create an integrated, whole self that will allow each part of ourselves to flourish.

    Yes, please! If you don’t have an exact birth time, please email me before purchasing a reading. You can still explore quite a bit with an approximate time but I want to make sure you’d still like to move forward first.

    My clients each have different needs and desires so there is no one-size-fits-all approach. I often recommend having a follow-up session around the time of your next big transit when you will need the most support (this will vary person to person). You can also set up readings on a regular basis like every quarter or every year. Most clients come to me at least 3 times a year.