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12-Week Astrology Coaching Program – $1,080

In this 12-week program, we will explore how your birth chart comes to life with the goal of healing, harmony and wholeness.

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What it is

Together we will examine your birth chart to see how you navigated core phases of childhood development and what areas might be stuck in arrested development. Each planet in the birth chart is formed during these developmental phases and represents a different part of ourselves.

When you are stuck in a specific pattern, one or more planets will be under or overfunctioning. This means that a specific need was not met and we are now overcompensating and using coping behaviors to survive. Our work together will dismantle these coping strategies and replace them with a unified, whole self that meets its needs in healthy ways.



What to expect

Our sessions together will be unique and individual just like you. We will spend our time talking about themes that come up in your life as I draw conclusions related to your chart and current/future transits. The chart will also guide us to the healing medicine, as we examine the parts of you that are in conflict and bring them into harmony.

A few example topics include:

Parts of a Whole – Working with the archetypes of your chart for greater integration

Moon – Understanding your emotional baseline, internal schema, and core wounds

Mars and Sun – Establishing autonomy, confidence, agency and individuality

Venus – Learn how to nourish your soul & Heal your relationships

Shadow work – Uncovering the repressed and unconscious sides of the self that are dying to be heard



Who it’s for

I specialize in helping highly sensitive people heal from complex trauma in their childhood so they can go on to be incredible healers, business owners, teachers, partners, and parents in the world. Highly sensitive people are keen on understanding themselves and helping others, but they often struggle with confidence issues. They are overly self-critical which impedes them from truly making the impact they desire or even getting started on their dreams. They also struggle with processing their intense emotions, establishing healthy relationships with trust and reciprocity, and knowing their worth in general.

They are usually victims of complex trauma. This is not the same as big “T” trauma where one or more big, impactful events forever change the psyche of an individual. Complex trauma is more insidious and pervasive in its nature. It looks like an important need going unmet for the entirety of their childhood, an inattentive parent, or a consistent struggle to feel like you belong.

This service is not intended to replace therapy or other healing practices. This service is not meant to address trauma or other significant maladies. 

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