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Relationship Reading (2 hrs) – $270

In this relationship reading, we will explore your love dynamic as individuals and as a couple

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What we will cover:

  1. Can be used for any type of relationship. I love to look at both synastry between family and couples. My preference is to do a synastry reading for couples who’ve been dating for at least 6 months.
  2. Look at capacity for love in each individual chart: that person’s love language, what they will find in relationships, who they are meant to attract, and so on, what relationships will teach them
  3. Explore synastry aspects. We will answer: How does this person affect my life? What are our growth factors, challenging factors, and harmonious factors? Do we have aspects that indicate longevity? How can we best support each other as a couple?
  4. Examine transits to relationship hot spots. What is coming up in the future of our relationship? What should we be aware of?
  5. Answer any questions!


What you need: 

Synastry – You will need permission from your partner to look at their chart. Preferably they will join our call. You must also be dating for at least 6 months prior to our reading. Birth times (exact), location, dates are needed for both parties. If you are married or know when you met, please also include that date/time/location as a 3rd chart to examine.


What to expect:

After your purchase, you’ll receive a booking link where you choose our meeting time, provide birth information for both parties, and ask any questions you’d like me to cover in our session together. Please set aside 2 hours for our reading time.