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Initial Consultation

All first-time clients need to book an initial consultation. Since it will be my first time diving into your chart and transits, we will need more time for our session and greater prep time. I am happy to move our session into any direction you prefer. My standard readings include a birth chart analysis around soul purpose, psychology, transits, and divine guidance.

Here are some elements you can choose to bring into our call together. Remember, we only have 1.5 hours, so not all of these elements will fit into one session.

Things I can offer you in our reading or coaching sessions: 

  • Past life readings
  • Birth chart readings honing in on psychology, development, soul evolution, and purpose
  • Yearly forecast using transits, progressions, and/or solar return
  • Synastry (for couples) where I read each individual chart, the relationship chart, and composite chart, I can include transits that will affect the couple as well
  • Business chart readings – your chart, your business chart, combined, and the overall purpose of your business
  • Answer any questions you have using astrology and tarot!
  • Coaching where we use your birth chart to dive into the basis of core wounds and repeating patterns in your life that aren’t serving you

Reading Examples:
-Business owners looking for clarity about where to invest their time and energy next, as well as their “lucky days” for launching. We can spot your weaknesses and work through them together and amplify your strengths as a company.

-People who are struggling in their relationships and need to understand why, when it will end, and how to get through these hard times.

-Those who are uncertain of their purpose in life and want to understand their greatest strengths, their mission as a soul, and what could get in the way.

Things to Know: You need your accurate birth time and permission to read your partner’s chart if both parties are not present. You will receive an email after your purchase to book your session either in-person or online via Zoom. You will have a chance to input your birth info as well as any questions you have while booking.