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Madhav GramkeMadhav Gramke
18:24 12 Aug 23
I am blown away by the quality and thorough nature of my reading with Willows Bloom. She clearly knows so much about astrology, puts so much care into her work, and speaks so well about the material, and I have found it to be super helpful and impressive. Thank you for your help!! I will 100% be coming back for more!
Swapnil JoshiSwapnil Joshi
19:23 26 Jul 23
Courtney was absolutely amazing. If you’re thinking about getting some clarity or a reading, I’d definitely recommend booking one. She’s just amazing, I booked a session when I was feeling pretty lost in direction and she answered all the questions and more. When you submit you’re birth details and questions she spends a day answering you’re questions and analyzing your chart and any other charts (like your partner/ parents/ children/ also business) and when you meet in person she answers all of them in more detail and anything else that comes up. Also she incorporates tarot cards for anything that might be a bit unclear or to know which direction you need to move so you get to where you need to be. Also she goes above and beyond in every aspect, she also goes over the 90min just so you feel like you have everything answered. I would recommend really going to her, it’s one of the best things you can do for yourself!
Maureen SimonMaureen Simon
22:19 04 Jun 23
Courtney and her readings are Magical!! I feel so lucky to have had one, and learned so much about myself and my life throughout the whole session...She is kind, welcoming and beyond excellent at what she does! The questions I had were answered thoroughly, clearly and compassionately, and I left feeling excited about life and all it's possibilities 🌟I very highly recommend meeting with Courtney for a reading- it's such a gift!!
Danielle ScottDanielle Scott
11:51 01 Jun 23
Truly grateful for the care and gentleness provided in my reading with Courtney. I’m not “new” to astrology, but this was my first astrology reading and I’m so so glad she’s who did mine. Unpacking my chart was so vulnerable and might I add accurate in the things transpired in my journey thus far in this lifetime. Having Courtney unpack my chart and give me time to just be and speak helped this unfolding be met with openness and left me feeling so seen and empowered. I will forever be grateful and I’m very appreciative I got to meet you on my journey! Thank you!
Keirnin HarrisKeirnin Harris
12:48 21 Apr 23
Courtney is absolutely amazing! She is spot on with her readings and knows when to be gentle with information or say it straight. She’s great at what she does and I 100% recommend her! I’ve even bought her readings as gifts for friends and family.
Sandra DettmerSandra Dettmer
09:43 18 Apr 23
I got a reading by Courtney after watching some of her Youtube videos, which resonated strongly with my personal experience. Having some prior knowledge of astrology, my own chart and transits, I was absolutely blown away by the nuanced and detailed insight she gave me. I found it to be very helpful in navigating a tumultuous time of transition and would recommend Courtney’s offerings to anyone who appreciates a well-informed approach to astrology, that is applicable and helpful in everyday life.
Ratana KimRatana Kim
06:01 14 Apr 23
I had my first recorded astrological reading with Courtney (eclipse predictions) and was blown away. I was mainly concerned with career matters but she managed to comb through additional aspects of my life that I had not mentioned at all. Her combination of astrology and tarot and the nuance to her insightfulness was incredible. Loved the reading and her descriptions. Highly recommend a reading with Courtney.
Courtney is truly an amazing astrologer, I have received 3 different readings from her and every time she is very in-depth and takes her time with every touch point of my chart. She’s really helped me to under my career and more! There are plenty of astrologers out there who are doing the same thing as her but they are not hitting the chart the way she does and that is why I always come back to her specifically for astrology. She’s truly unique and coming from someone who has gotten past Astro readings, you will not find the same. She is worth every penny. Thanks Courtney!
Layla TownsendLayla Townsend
05:27 22 Feb 23
I have received astrological and tarot guidance for decades and I must say that Courtney is by far, the best astrologer that I have encountered--- and I have experienced many!! Her accuracy in interpretation, both in Placidus and Whole Sign as they both apply to me at varying times of my life; as well as her intuitive tarot readings is absolutely amazing! What makes her truly unique is her ability to apply astrology, tarot and psychology--- this is a wonderful combination especially for those who may have experienced some form of trauma (i.e, childhood, interpersonal/domestic/narcissistic abuse, past life etc.,). I would strongly recommend Courtney at Willows Bloom---and definitely subscribe to her You Tube channel (it's free) ---as her videos are educational and will add volumes to your astrological/tarot knowledge base.
Úrsula CastellanoÚrsula Castellano
22:24 13 Jan 23
I am delighted to post a review for Courtney's astrological services at Willows Bloom. I have had three readings with Courtney (one life purpose and two solar return readings). While her readings are thorough, incredibly accurate, and delivered impeccably, her greatest strength, in my view, is her keen intuitive insight. She picked up on subtle dialogues between planetary aspects in such fascinating ways. In addition, she detected both events and patterns in my familial past by studying my chart--I didn't have to say anything. I also love that Courtney integrates tarot and oracle cards into her analysis. Foremost, her readings helped me to take more informed decisions and make big changes in 2022, including moving country.I recommend her YouTube channel as well. There are many astrologers and a lot of astrological content to choose from these days. Willows Bloom is clearly one of the best resources for meaningful, soulful interpretations of how we can all co-create with the cosmos.
christine mariechristine marie
23:05 21 Nov 22
I scheduled a synastry reading with Courtney and it was the best decision I ever made. Her wisdom was on point with both mine and my partners charts and validated our relationship, our careers, and our soul's purpose. I would highly recommend if you're desiring structure, honesty, and direction in your life
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