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Astrological Consultation

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Clients Say

I had my first recorded astrological reading with Courtney (eclipse predictions) and was blown away. I was mainly concerned with career matters but she managed to comb through additional aspects of my life that I had not mentioned at all. Her combination of astrology and tarot and the nuance to her insightfulness was incredible. Loved the reading and her descriptions. Highly recommend a reading with Courtney.

Ratana Kim

Courtney is absolutely amazing! She is spot on with her readings and knows when to be gentle with information or say it straight. She’s great at what she does and I 100% recommend her! I’ve even bought her readings as gifts for friends and family.

Keirnin Harris

I received a Past Life & Destiny Reading from Courtney and was amazed!! Her reading was so detailed, carefully done, and accurate. It opened my eyes to certain areas of my life and really helped me reflect. Highly recommend!

Elsa Hermanson

This was the best reading I have ever had. My jaw doesn’t often drop, but when it does, I’m sold. Ms. Miller is very insightful, patient, and detailed. Apart from that she is very professional and provides a quality service. I wouldn’t think twice about returning.

Victoria Trull

When it comes to things like Tarot, I am generally a non-believer. I was struggling with some decision in my life and my wife suggested meeting Courtney for a session.
I must say Courtney helped me turn from a non-believer to a semi-believer/believer.

The session was super helpful. There were instances during our session when I thought how..just how do you know this. It was like the cards were showing me my subsconscious mind. I think many times when we are struggling, we already know the answer deep within but our overthinking brain may be clouding our judgement. Courtney helped you uncover those answers with the help of Tarot. The cards were showing me what I have felt about the different choices deep inside. She helped me picture that outcome and give words to describe how I was feeling about it. I came away with a lot of clarity and was very happy with the session overall.. Would definitely recommend Courtney services to everyone.

Ritesh Chopra

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